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Yes, that's right. I've finally strapped on my patented Shinji Ikari portaspine, stopped compulsively editing and re-editing, and handed Knights in Tarnished Armor off to a publisher. It's now available as an ebook, in Kindle, Epub, LRF, PDB, HTML, PDF, RTF, and Text formats, for $4.95 a copy (or, if you use Coupon Code SX84W when you check out, you can get your copy for free, until May 7, 2010). For people who prefer a recycled tree edition, you can get it as a 6"x9" paperback for $15.55.

Now, before I lose my nerve, I need to make sure First Contact is clean, set it up for publishing, and then package all the various short stories I've written into an anthology (still working on a title for that) that will get the same treatment.

If anyone can recommend a good, high-quality FLOSS TTS program that I can use to produce an audio version of the book, I'd be grateful enough to send them a free copy of what comes out when I process it through the program.

If quality TTS just isn't available in FLOSS, I may just have to bite the bullet and burn out my vocal cords. If that's the case, so be it, but I really do want an audio version of the book available for my friends who are blind or otherwise need a copy they can listen to.

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To make it easier to find stories that are in progress, I'm posting them on fanfiction.net, at least until I've put together copies on my own web site. So far, the links are:

Through a Glass, Darkly


Not Quite Marty-Stu
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The SFWA has just shot itself in the foot, again, by fraudulently using the DMCA to demand that Scribd remove all mentions of Asimov and Silverberg from its site. This includes bibliographies of influential science fiction writers, essays about various authors or novels, the back catalog of the magazine Ray Gun Revival, and works by authors who specifically instructed the SFWA that it was not authorized to speak on their behalf.

What gets me is, Andrew Burt is (or, at least, used to be) an active member of Baen's Bar, so you'd think he would know better than to pull a stunt like this, but apparently this is just par for the course for the SFWA over the last few years. More details of this stunt, as well as a discussion of the fallout from it and past SFWA blunders, can be found in an editorial by Cory Doctorow, here.

The more I learn about the SFWA, the less inclined I am to pay for a membership, in the unlikely event I ever make the membership requirements.


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