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I just saw The Killer Within, a documentary about Bob Bechtel, the man who was bullied until he snapped and shot a dorm mate in 1955.

As I watched the documentary, I found myself becoming disgusted - not with Mr. Bechtel, but with many of the other people in the documentary. Mr. Bechtel, at least, faced what he did, paid what the standards of the time considered to be an appropriate penalty for his crime, and has done something good with his life. The other people in the documentary, on the other hand, refused to accept any responsibility for their parts in the tragedy, and spent their entire time on camera trying to convince the filmmakers that Mr. Bechtel was a monster and that he should not be taken seriously, no matter what he has to say, on any subject.

Even those who were involved in bullying him, after admitting to committing some of the acts he had described as examples of the bullying he endured, refused to admit that what they did constituted bullying. What kind of low-life scum are they?

I am disgusted.

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The SFWA has just shot itself in the foot, again, by fraudulently using the DMCA to demand that Scribd remove all mentions of Asimov and Silverberg from its site. This includes bibliographies of influential science fiction writers, essays about various authors or novels, the back catalog of the magazine Ray Gun Revival, and works by authors who specifically instructed the SFWA that it was not authorized to speak on their behalf.

What gets me is, Andrew Burt is (or, at least, used to be) an active member of Baen's Bar, so you'd think he would know better than to pull a stunt like this, but apparently this is just par for the course for the SFWA over the last few years. More details of this stunt, as well as a discussion of the fallout from it and past SFWA blunders, can be found in an editorial by Cory Doctorow, here.

The more I learn about the SFWA, the less inclined I am to pay for a membership, in the unlikely event I ever make the membership requirements.
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Me: God! Something crawled up my ass and died!
[insanejournal.com profile] wackylisa: I'm glad you said it, so I didn't have to.

No, I don't have a clue what I ate.


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