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This part is rated T, for the terrible things that happen to Aribeth. As you may recall, at the end of the last chapter, Aribeth was having flashbacks, and had been encouraged to talk about what happened to her in the Underdark to cause those flashbacks. This is what happened in the Underdark, as seen by both Aribeth and Fred.

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Author's Warning: This chapter is rated T, for frank expression of opinions that are likely to cheese off the average mundane American. If you don't want to expose yourself to controversial opinions on government education, religion, and society, you may want to skip this chapter.

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Author's Notes:
Black Widows in the Privy is the property of Leslie Fish. She wrote it, she deserves the credit for it. If you ever find a tape or CD of her stuff, buy it. You won't regret it.

The Monster's Carol (also known as "Clerics Roasting on an Open Fire") was my entry in the 1993 Killer Frog contest, run by Scavenger's Newsletter. Sadly, Scav seems to have gone out of business a while back - or, at least, I can't find any links to them any more. In any case, I won an honorable mention with it, and now I'm happy to share the lyrics, as long as you mention where you got them. The music, on the other hand, was written by Bob Wells in 1944 (Mel Torme wrote the original lyrics).

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