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Yes, that's right. I've finally strapped on my patented Shinji Ikari portaspine, stopped compulsively editing and re-editing, and handed Knights in Tarnished Armor off to a publisher. It's now available as an ebook, in Kindle, Epub, LRF, PDB, HTML, PDF, RTF, and Text formats, for $4.95 a copy (or, if you use Coupon Code SX84W when you check out, you can get your copy for free, until May 7, 2010). For people who prefer a recycled tree edition, you can get it as a 6"x9" paperback for $15.55.

Now, before I lose my nerve, I need to make sure First Contact is clean, set it up for publishing, and then package all the various short stories I've written into an anthology (still working on a title for that) that will get the same treatment.

If anyone can recommend a good, high-quality FLOSS TTS program that I can use to produce an audio version of the book, I'd be grateful enough to send them a free copy of what comes out when I process it through the program.

If quality TTS just isn't available in FLOSS, I may just have to bite the bullet and burn out my vocal cords. If that's the case, so be it, but I really do want an audio version of the book available for my friends who are blind or otherwise need a copy they can listen to.

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